HAL Atlantis Vol. 1

As a result of its high production cost, the publisher decided to divide it into two seperate volumes. Luxuriously packaged, it includes 20 compositions written in classical guitar score format, 2 DVDs with 3.5 hours of instructional video material, plus many glamorous photos and helpful text.

Hal has had a long career as a successful and gifted guitar teacher. Based on his years of practical experience, he has released this new book of original compositions and guitar-playing instruction. This publication will be a vital tool for all aspiring guitarists attempting to learn the instrument's basics as well as for other professional guitarists determined to master alternative techniques to add to their repertoire. Fresh, exciting, and innovative, the book provides an ingenious instructional method that works best in combination with the accompanying audio and video aids. The materials come as a set, and are an essential part of Hal’s teaching system.

You can view free sample here: HAL Guitar Power Vol.1

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