Guitar Power

This project is absolutely one of the most innovative, fresh, and exciting efforts in the world of acoustic guitar music. The final product reached completion after almost two years of refinement. The whole production is not only a cutting edge video concept, but an exciting break-through in sound performance, too.

The revolutionary concept of solo guitar performance that The Guitar Power offers (directed by Hal and produced by local film expert, Igor Modric) is supported by video projections and complimented with special effects. The whole idea is based on the biblical story of David and Goliath and showcases how one stand-out musician from the small country of Croatia sets out to make his mark in the world of music.

After rave critical reviews and outstanding audience reactions at his live performances during the summer of 2013, Hal has decided to continue promoting the project on his live tour during 2013 and 2014. Don't miss the chance to catch The Guitar Power concert series. The high octane additive takes an already killer performance by Hal and makes it so much better!

Upcoming Events

23.06.2017 Barufe (Goldoni) Pula (Kaštel) SLO
25.06.2017 Barufe (Goldoni) Gorica (Grad Kromberk) SLO
14.07.2017 Thrill Blues Festival Trilj CRO
22.07.2017 KBF promo Zagreb CRO
01.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
02.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
03.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
04.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
05.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
06.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
07.08.2017 Kastav Blues Festival Kastav CRO
13.08.2017 Baška Baška CRO
17.08.2017 BIG Festival Baška CRO
18.08.2017 BIG Festival Baška CRO
19.08.2017 BIG Festival Baška CRO
20.08.2017 BIG Festival Baška CRO
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